Conservation Lands

Our conservation lands are cornerstones from which our authority business and programs are built, and are the backbone of the watershed’s natural greenspace system as they are critically important in achieving healthy watersheds and climate change resiliency.  It is these lands that protect residents from natural hazards, offer visitors the opportunity to connect with nature, and contain sensitive natural features within which Central Lake Ontario Conservation (CLOCA) monitors indicators of watershed health. 


These conservation lands support the needs of our diverse communities, enrich the lives of our watershed residents both directly and indirectly, and encourage broader resource conservation through experience and appreciation - they are the places where we educate and inspire future generations.

Right here in Central Lake Ontario Conservation’s watershed we offer over 45 km of trails at eight conservation areas.  Hidden within these natural gems are streams, wetlands, forests, beaches, views and vistas within locally significant natural heritage sites, just waiting to be explored. Come on, what are you waiting for?   

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CLOCA owns just over 2700 hectares of land across its jurisdiction.  Conservation lands have been acquired, protected, and restored in an effort to support CLOCA's primary mandate, which includes the protection, management, and restoration of the watershed’s important natural resources.  

Conservation Area Regulaions
Did you know you can #StepIntoNature at more than 300 conservation areas across the province of Ontario?  These conservation areas play an important environmental educational and recreational role in Ontario.  Being out in the forests, wetlands, and meadows not only benefits our physical health, but increases our creativity, provides stress relief, and helps improve our memory and mood. 
Healthy watersheds for today and tomorrow.
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