Fishes on Fences represent hope for a future with healthy watersheds

By Cathy Grant, Outreach Education, Central Lake Ontario Conservation

Throughout the summer, participants of the Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery’s Summer Camp learned about the importance of protecting the land and water of the Oshawa Creek Watershed.

The creek and watershed are home to many plants and animals, including trout and salmon that swim up the creek to spawn each year. The creek collects all the rain and snow that falls in its watershed. It is a source of drinking water and a popular spot for fishing, and other recreational activities. The health of this watershed depends on us. We have to do whatever we can to prevent water pollution and habitat destruction.

This summer, campers learned the difference between storm drains and sewers, and that all drains lead to fish habitat. Campers then used their creativity and imagination to create Dreamfish for this Stream of Dreams in the images below.

The Stream of Dreams is a collaborative public art initiative developed by the BC-based Stream of Dreams Mural Society.

These Dreamfish painted by the campers will be on display at the Art Gallery until September 19, 2019. The Dreamfish will then be installed on a fence at our head office in Oshawa, where they will act as a reminder to everyone to help protect our watershed.

Paint for the Stream of Dreams is provided by Sherwin-Williams.

Schools wishing to participate should contact Cathy Grant at

Healthy watersheds for today and tomorrow.
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