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Augmented Reality Sandbox Rental

The Augmented Reality Sandbox is used as a hands-on interactive tool to help students understand the importance of water resources and earth science concepts.  It includes a computer projector and a motion sensing input device (Kinect 3D Camera) mounted above a box of sand.  Colours and contour lines are projected onto the sand.  As students interact with the sand, the Kinect detects the changes in the projector's distance to the sand and alters the projected colours and contour lines in real time. 

A simulation of rainfall happens when an object (like a student's hand) is sensed  between the projector and the sand.  The virtual rain is visualized by the projector as blue, shimmering on the sand that appears to flow down the contours to lower elevations.  The flow of the virtual rain is based on real models of fluid dynamics.


This is a newly added feature to our education program as we received funding for the sandbox  through a grant for our Durham Children’s Watershed Festival. The main program that we use the sandbox for is geared to grade 4’s at the Festival, however we would like to have it available for schools within our watershed. The sandbox is available for rent and is a self run program that teachers facilitate. We have draft lesson plans available. 

Rental Fee: $500/Day

Includes staff time for set-up/take-down

Additional fees apply if outside CLOCA's watershed.

Image of Augmented Reality Sandbox

Yvonne Storm

Special Events Coordinator

905 579-0411 ext. 144


Image of Augmented Reality Sandbox

Augmented Reality Sandbox