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Central Lake Ontario Conservation (CLOCA) is a leader in the development and implementation of watershed plans.  Watershed plans  are focused on improving watershed health and in turn, our quality of life.   Through watershed planning we investigate the question “what do we need to do to have a healthy watershed?”  To answer this question we examine the environment and human activities within a watershed and assess the relationships between these activities to determine how the ecosystems of the watershed should be managed to ensure they retain their ecological integrity and health in a sustainable manner.  This includes examining and exploring historic and existing conditions, as well as future predicted impacts.   


The Goal of CLOCA’s watershed plans is to achieve healthy natural systems and watershed conditions while sustaining ecological health and integrity.  CLOCA’s Watershed Plans provide a framework which supports the effective management of watershed resources in response to a changing environment.  This includes identifying healthy watershed targets which support a healthy and resilient watershed.  In 2012 and 2013 CLOCA completed Plans for the Lynde Creek, Oshawa Creek, Black / Harmony / Farewell Creeks and Bowmanville / Soper Creeks Watersheds.

Implementing Watershed Plan Recommendations


At CLOCA we are implementing the recommendations contained within these Watershed Plans through our work with watershed stakeholders, municipal partners and residents.   This work includes the development of a number of resources including a Natural Heritage Strategy, Fisheries Management Plans and Watershed Action Plans. The Watershed Action Plans provide an implementation framework to carry out monitoring, restoration, rehabilitation and research to achieve watershed health targets. 

Watershed Plan Review & Update
Currently, we are updating our Watershed Plans to address the significant changes that are occurring within our watersheds such as growth, new infrastructure and climate change.
Watershed Report Cards

There is a growing awareness that our physical and mental health is connected to the health of our watershed.  In an effort to provide a broader comparison for stakeholders across the Province of Ontario, Central Lake Ontario Conservation participates in a Conservation Ontario initiative to produce a coordinated report card for our watershed's health under the Watershed Checkup program.  This report card takes some of the data from the CLOCA Integrated Watershed Monitoring Program and follows the Conservation Ontario Guidelines for Watershed Reporting, providing a snapshot of forest health, surface water and groundwater quality providing a comparison to watersheds of other participating Conservation Authority’s in Ontario.  To date we have published 3 report cards 2018, 2013 and 2007.

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Watershed Fact Sheets

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