Booking a Program

Cathy Grant

Outreach Education Instructor

Phone: 905 579-0411 ext. 108


General Program Fees

$8.75/student for half day ($125 min.)

$15.00/student for full day ($200 min.)

$150/class for 1 hour in-school  (30 students max)

$75/class for 1 hour online (90 students max)

$8.00/student for 1 hour Sugar Bush Tour with pancake lunch

$35/student for SHSM (16 students min) 

Note: Parent Volunteers are complimentary unless they exceed the maximum ratio. 

K- Grade 3: 1 adult /4 students

Grade 4 - 8: 1 adult /8 students (unless program involves pond or stream)

HST is charged on high school programs only.

Cancellation Fee: $75.00

Cancellation Policy

Cartoon school bus

Trouble Booking a Bus?

Consider booking a full day!  We can customize our hours to fit with your schedule.

Field trips will go ahead rain or shine, and programming will be adapted to the weather. Parents/Guardians are informed on the permission sheet handed out by teachers how to prepare students for the day by dressing for the weather. CLOCA will keep an eye on the forecast, and notify teachers 2 days prior to their trip if the trip will need to be rescheduled due to the following conditions: Strong Winds: In the event of sustained wind speeds exceeding 70 km/h and/or gusts to 90 km/h due to the danger of falling trees and tree limbs, and flying debris. Lightning/Thunder: If a severe lightning/thunder storm is forecast for the day. Extreme Cold Temperatures: Temperatures below 20 degrees celsius (including wind chill factor), due to risk of hypothermia and/or frostbite for programs at Enniskillen and Purple Woods where there is a building to warm up in. Extreme Hot Temperatures: Temperatures above 30 degrees celsius (including the humidex rating), due to risk of heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Cancellation by School/Teacher: Cancellation of a trip by the school or teacher, less than 7 days prior to the trip, will result in a fee of $25.