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Sunset in the Forest

NEW Program for Private Landowners!

The Region of Durham and its five local Conservation Authorities have partnered to form Durham TREES, a new, subsidized tree-planting program for private landowners willing to plant at least two acres with a minimum of 500 trees. This program offers up to 85% of funding for eligible projects, full planting services, and native tree seedlings.

T    TREE-planting for future forests
R    RESILIENT to mitigate the impacts of climate change
E    ENSURE a healthy future for the surrounding community
E    ENHANCE natural connections across our watersheds
S    SAVING our planet, one tree at a time

Recognizing the numerous benefits of trees, this climate action initiative is a nature-based solution, with the goal of increasing forest cover in the Region by over 30%. So, if you've ever thought about adding trees to your property—for whatever the reason—there's no better time! To find out more about tree-planting on your land, visit the TREES website at

Contact CLOCA’s TREES’ program lead Roy Mosher at or phone 905-579-0411, ext 110.

TREES logo with the words planting trees on your land in Durham Region


Watershed stewardship is caring for our water, air, land, and biodiversity within the ecologically connected area of a watershed.  The challenge is balancing human and economic requirements with the needs of the natural environment which means that we need to plan, promote and implement management practices that contribute to restoration and protection of our natural resources. 

Private landowners in our urban and rural communities play a key role in ensuring we have healthy watersheds now and in the future.  Let us know if we can help you with a reforestation or forest management project, planting trees, creating a rain garden, greening your school yard or decommissioning an unused well. 

For more information, please contact:

Roy Mosher, Restoration Coordinator

905-579-0411 ext 110


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