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Planning Services

Central Lake Ontario Conservation (CLOCA) is part of the land use planning system in partnership with local municipalities and the Region of Durham


We review land use plans, applications under the Planning Act and supporting technical reports and drawings to provide formal comments that address environmental and public safety considerations.  Specifically, we review: 

  • Official Plans and Zoning By-laws and Amendments

  • Secondary Plans, Subwatershed Plans and Servicing Plans

  • Consents / Land Division

  • Minor variances

  • Site plans


We seek to ensure that development issues are addressed through comprehensive and integrated land use planning prior to proposals reaching the development permit stage.  We do this, in part, by providing early and comprehensive input into the municipal planning process and through assisting in the implementation of provincial, regional and local land use plans. 


CLOCA offers information and analysis on natural hazards and natural heritage features and systems including:

  • Flood plain management

  • Erosion and slope stability

  • Wetlands

  • Shorelines of lakes, rivers, and streams

  • Ravines, valleys, and stream corridors

  • Natural Heritage Features and Systems

  • Groundwater, Source Water Protection, Hydrologic Features and Areas

  • Fish and fish habitat protection

  • Wildlife, movement and habitat protection

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Contact Information

Central Lake Ontario Conservation 

Administration Office

100 Whiting Avenue

Oshawa ON L1H 3T3

Phone: (905) 579 0411 ext. 154

Fax: (905) 579 0994

Contact Info
Planning and Regulations Staff

Email: For email addresses, add the first letter of the first name and the entire surname to

For example Calvin Miller would be:

Chris Jones, Director, Planning and Regulation

(905) 579 0411 ext. 116

Erin Dick, Service, Information and Records Coordinator

(905) 579 0411 ext. 154

Lisa-Beth Bulford, Development Planner

(for Ajax, Pickering, Scugog and Whitby)

(905) 579 0411 ext.121

Doris Cheng, Development Planner

(for the City of Oshawa)

(905) 579 0411 ext. 105

John Hetherington, Regulation and Provincial Offences Officer

(for the CLOCA Watershed)

(905) 579 0411 ext. 137

Sarem Nejad, Development Planner

(for the Municipality of Clarington)

(905) 579 0411 ext. 145

Saravanan Sivarajah, Development Planner

(for Ajax, Pickering, Uxbridge, Scugog and Whitby)

(905) 579 0411

Jeremie Tisdale, Infrastructure Planner / Enforcement Officer

(905) 579 0411 ext. 158

CLOCA Planning Department
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