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Climate Change

Warmer, wetter, and wilder is the expected projection of our changing climate in Central Lake Ontario Conservation's (CLOCA's) watershed, and we need to prepare for the effects of climate change and extreme weather on our watershed.  We are experiencing longer periods of extremely hot weather and more days between rainfall.  Storms are more severe and winds are gustier.  These factors are impacting our forests, wetlands, rivers, wildlife, birds and fish.



Natural Environment Climate Change Collaborative
Central Lake Ontario Conservation is part of the Natural Environment Climate Change Collaborative (NECCC) which is a team comprised of local conservation authorities, municipalities, and the Region of Durham focusing on natural based solutions to adapt to climate change.  This collaborative shares information and works on projects related to climate change in Durham Region.  A current project that CLOCA is involved with the NECCC is the Durham Region Climate Change Ensemble Modelling Project.
Durham Region Climate Change Ensemble Modelling Project


The Region of Durham and the Greenbelt Foundation have committed funds enabling the Natural Environment Climate Change Collaborative to perform an updated climate change modelling project specific to the Region of Durham.  The resulting current climate change projections will be used to inform the following local projects:

  • Identifying vulnerable areas and potential adaptation restoration sites

  • The Region’s Municipal Comprehensive Review

  • Watershed plan updates

  • Support the implementation of the Greenbelt Plan

Flooded Creek
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Become a Climate Action Catalyst Volunteer with Youth Challenge International's Innovate MY Future (Ages 16-24).

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