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Discover mapping to help you prepare for a flood emergency on your property

Knowing the extent of the floodplain is an important tool for Conservation Authorities like ours to support our land use planning and emergency management responsibilities. We know it's complicated and wanted to create a tool the average person can use to better understand if they might be vulnerable to flood-prone areas next to a river, stream or Lake Ontario and can take the necessary steps to be prepared. 

We recently updated our floodplain information for the entire 627-square-kilometre watershed we are responsible for at Central Lake Ontario Conservation (CLOCA).  Our Information Management and GIS team then took that information and created a conceptual and interactive mapping application for property owners in the CLOCA watershed.

Image by Phillip Flores

If your property is located in a mapped floodplain, we recommend you take steps to protect yourself, your family, or your business in the event of a flood or other emergency. We offer some resources at the local, provincial, and federal levels to help you prepare. 

Current Flood Protection Plans and Studies

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