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Lake Ontario Shoreline Hazard Management Plan Update

The key objectives of the Shoreline Management Plan are to increase the resilience of coastal communities, protect new development from coastal hazards, update existing hazard mapping using the best available information, incorporate nature-based solutions, protect and enhance existing private and public amenities along the shoreline, and to integrate climate change impacts when considering the coastal hazards of the future.

In 1990, Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority (CLOCA), Lower Trent Region Conservation Authority (LTRCA) and Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) completed a Lake Ontario Shoreline Management Plan to guide shoreline management within their respective jurisdictions.

Zuzek Inc. and SJL Engineering Inc. were retained by these Conservation Authorities to develop an updated Shoreline Management Plan for their respective Lake Ontario shorelines. This 2020 Shoreline Management Plan replaces the original one for the region, which was prepared in 1990 by Sandwell Swan Wooster (SSW, 1990). The total shoreline length covered by the Shoreline Management Plan is approximately 135 km and stretches from Lakeside Neighbourhood Park in Ajax (CLOCA west boundary) to Carrying Place, Quinte West (LTRCA east boundary).

Map showing the boundaries and associated shorelines of the three Conservation Authorities (CLOCA, GRCA, and LTRCA)

For further information about this update, please contact:

Perry Sisson, P.Eng.

Director, Engineering and Field Operations
Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority 

T: (905) 579 0411 ext. 118

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