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Giving Back

Canada Helps
Registered Charitable Donations
Central Lake Ontario Conservation is a not for profit organization registered through CanadaHelps.  You will receive an official electronic tax receipt by email. 
Purple Woods Maple Syrup Festival Sponsorship Opportunities  ​

​We are proud to recognize sponsors through signage, event promotions, on our website and on social media.  Sponsors also receive 10 guest passes to attend the Festival on any day.

For more information on becoming a sponsor please contact:

Yvonne Storm, Special Events Coordinator 

Central Lake Ontario Conservation

905-579-0411, ext 144

Community Groups Pancake Program

Your not-for-profit community organization could be part of Central Lake Ontario Conservation’s annual fundraiser program at the Purple Woods Maple Syrup Festival.  We offer a state-of-the-art kitchen and supervision on site.  Each group commits to participating in one, two, or three consecutive days serving pancakes and beverages and clean up services.  A formal agreement is to be signed by the organization in advance of the program ensuring that all participants have read and will follow our online Pancake Program Heritage Kitchen and Hall Delivery Expectations and Mandatory Requirements document.  Groups can expect to receive $300 per day of service for participating (2023).

It is imperative that all applicants read and understand the Delivery Expectations and Mandatory Requirements before applying.


Next Steps:

  • Complete the online application for inclusion in the lottery. 

  • If you are one of the groups selected through the lottery process, you will be required to sign an agreement and submit your proof of insurance.   


For more information, please contact:

Yvonne Storm, Coordinator

905-579 0411, ext. 144


Panake Program
Corporate Sponsorship

We are always looking for opportunities to serve the community in partnership with local business and corporations.  We welcome corporate sponsorship at our public events and our two large community festivals: the Durham Children's Watershed Festival and the Purple Woods Maple Syrup Festival.  We also offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for corporations.


Volunteer Opportunities

There are a variety of volunteer experiences available to families, high school and post-secondary students, recent graduates, retired professionals, seniors and people looking to create a healthier watershed community and planet. Your efforts help support local environmental conservation projects, allow you to meet new people to create a community network and provide you with a variety of new skills or an opportunity to share existing skills in a new way.

Bricks with different names and companies engraved on them

Brick by Brick: Commemorative Heritage Walk

We have embarked on a prominent Heritage Walk paved with bricks inscribed with the names of people our visitors want to remember, or names of people in our community that Central Lake Ontario Conservation wants to remember. 

Memorial Bench Program

Memorial Bench Program

The Memorial Bench Program is intended for families mourning the loss of loved ones.  Benches are installed in our Conservation Areas at pre-approved locations offering users rest locations while remembering and honouring loved ones.  

Cost: $950 (subject to change); plaque is supplied by donor (max. size 10 cm high by any length).

For available locations and to apply to participate in this Program, please complete the information on this form.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Alex Cooper, Resource Technician

Phone: 905-213-6269


Wooden bench with fancy metal armrests and a small plaque

Memorial Bench

Land Donations

The Cane property is 26.9 hectares of land located in the headwaters of the Bowmanville Soper Creek watershed in the Oak Ridges Moraine.  It was donated in 2007 by Doris and William Cane to Central Lake Ontario Conservation, to provide an important corridor between two of the largest Natural Core Areas in the eastern portion of the Moraine. 


Central Lake Ontario Conservation owns and manages over 2,700 hectares of conservation land in our effort to protect significant wetlands, valleylands, forests, meadows, groundwater resources, aquatic environments and other important wildlife habitats.  Some of these lands include floodplain areas adjacent to creeks in order to protect life and property from the hazards of flooding.


Many of these lands have been received through land donations and conservation agreements. This allows donors of land or conservation agreements to receive a significant reduction in the amount of their federal and provincial tax payable through tax credits resulting from the value of the gifted lands.  Donations of ecologically sensitive land can be applied against 100 percent of a donor’s income.  Donors also pay no capital gains tax on these eco gifts.


For more information, please contact your financial advisor, legal counsel or the Director of Watershed Planning and Natural Heritage, Jamie Davidson at

Wide mown trail with spruce trees on one side and wildflowers and a mixed forest on the other

The Cane property

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