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Central Lake Ontario Conservation (CLOCA)

Administration Office

100 Whiting Avenue

Oshawa ON L1H 3T3



Phone: 905-579-0411

Fax: 905-579-0994


Administration Office: CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, however staff are working remotely. See Staff Directory below for contact information. Please note that email is the preferred method of contact, to help ensure you receive a prompt response.

Conservation Areas: 7 days/week, dawn until dusk.* 

*Special event / festival hours are unique to each event / festival.

Location of Central Lake Ontario Conservation's Administration Office

Staff Directory


Email: For e-mail addresses, add the first letter of the first name and the entire surname to

For example Calvin Miller would be:


Phone: To use the Staff Directory to contact a CLOCA employee, please call CLOCA's main line at 905-579-0411 to use an extension.

Chief Administrative Officer

Chris Darling, Chief Administrative Officer ext. 119

Planning and Regulations

Chris Jones, Director, Planning & Regulation ext. 116 Connie Ciulla, Service, Information & Records Coordinator ext. 154 Victoria Ruck, Development Planner ext. 105 Lisa-Beth Bulford, Development Planner ext. 121 Eric Cameron, Infrastructure Planner / Enforcement Officer ext. 158 Andrew Fera, Infrastructure Planner / Enforcement Officer (mobile) 905-244-8774 John Hetherington, Regulation & Provincial Offences Officer ext. 137 Sarem Nejad, Development Planner ext. 145

Corporate Services

Rose Catulli, Director, Corporate Services ext. 148 Brandi Boardman, Executive / Accounting Administrator ext. 117 Andrew Caky, Senior Database Developer Specialist ext. 147 Andrew Cunning, Financial Services Coordinator ext. 157 Karen Gaudet, Payroll and Accounts Payable Administrator ext. 115 David Krupicz, System Development Specialist ext. 120 Sylwia Kubrak, Senior GIS Specialist ext. 135 Annie Miller, GIS Technician ext. 132 Bryan Mistak, Senior GIS Analyst ext. 123 Leena Vaja. Executive Assistant / Health & Safety Administrator ext. 155 Rod Wilmot, Information Management and Technology Manager ext. 127

Watershed Planning and Natural Heritage

Jamie Davidson, Director, Watershed Planning & Natural Heritage ext. 114 Ian Kelsey, Aquatic Ecologist ext. 143 Kathy Luttrell, Natural Heritage Ecologist ext. 124 Dan Moore, Aquatic Biologist ext. 122 Roy Mosher, Restoration Coordinator ext. 110 Heather Pankhurst, Wetland Biologist ext. 138 Jackie Scott, Wildlife Biologist ext. 104 Alex Kissel, Terrestrial Biologist ext. 107

Engineering and Field Operations

Perry Sisson, Director, Engineering and Field Operations ext. 118 Todd Backus, Resource Technician, Lead Hand 905-261-5047 Lucy Benham, Senior Water Resources Engineer ext. 106 Jeffrey Burgess, Water Resource Engineer ext. 198 Godofredo (Fred) Carpio, Hydrogeologist ext. 125 Alex Cooper, Resource Technician 905-213-6269 Ben De Waal, Resource Technician 905-261-7654 Harry Hirschfeld, Resource Technician 905-261-5046 Dan Hope, Land Management & Operations Supervisor ext. 146 Louie Jakupi, Water Resource Engineer ext. 113 Jason Maas, Resource Technician 905-261-7655 Holly Whittington, Environmental Engineering Technologist ext. 134 Alana McDonald, Environmental Data Liaison

Community Engagement

Patricia Lowe, Director, Community Engagement ext. 126 Meagan Breems, Assistant Education Instructor ext. 139 Cathy Grant, Education Instructor ext. 108 Lisa Hastings, Communications Specialist ext. 142 Yvonne Storm, Special Events Coordinator ext. 144

York, Peel, Durham, Toronto Coalition

Mike Doughty, Intermediate Hydrogeologist ext. 5591 Rick Gerber, Groundwater Specialist ext. 5589 Steve Holysh, Senior Hydrogeologist ext. 5588 Mason Marchildon, Integrated Groundwater Management Engineer/ Geoscientist ext. 5587 Britt Smith, Groundwater Management Analyst (CAMC) -

Off-site Groundwater Studies


Email: For e-mail addresses, add the first letter of the first name and the entire surname to

For example Calvin Miller would be:


Phone: To use the Staff Directory to contact an employee, please call the Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Program's main line at (416) 661-6600 to use an extension.