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Image of Lynde Shores and Surronding Development

Planning and Permits

With the goal to work together towards sustainable and safe community development, Central Lake Ontario Conservation (CLOCA) provides residents, builders, developers, our municipal partners and the province with comprehensive and integrated land use planning, advisory, and regulations services.  By issuing development permits, CLOCA is able to regulate various projects and advise applicants on the best way to complete their projects to minimize impacts on the watershed and protect the safety of people and their property in relation to flooding and erosion.

Regulation Area Search Tool

When reviewing plans, consideration is given to protect and restore the ecological and hydrological integrity of watersheds to protect people and their property:

  • Stormwater Management -water quality and quantity requirements for receiving watercourses

  • Groundwater - protection of the quality and quantity of our groundwater resources

  • Natural Hazards - erosion and slope instabilities associated with watercourses, valley lands and flood plains and the Lake Ontario Shoreline

  • Natural Heritage Features, Hydrologic Features, Systems and Environmentally Sensitive Areas - protection/conservation of physical and biological components of the landscape in order to maintain enhance and grow our natural heritage system


Every year, hundreds of landowners receive our planning and regulation services leading to healthier and safer communities in the CLOCA watershed.

For a full list of policies, guidelines, municipal agreements and tools used to support CLOCA's planning and permitting role, please visit the Policies and Guidelines page using the button below:

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