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  • Lisa Hastings

Avian Flu: Avoid Contact with Wild Birds

As many of you are already aware, avian influenza has been detected in wild birds in Ontario. As cases will likely increase with spring migration, please do not handle or feed any wild bird by hand. Feeding encourages wild birds to congregate around food sources and can increase the probability of transmission among wild birds, both within and among species.

Sick or dead wild birds can be reported directly to the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative online or by phone 1-800-567-2033.

The use of bird feeders is still safe but they should be removed from areas that are open to poultry and other domestic animals. Backyard bird feeders and baths should be cleaned at least every two weeks using a weak solution of one part household bleach to nine parts water. Ensure they are well rinsed and dried before re-use.

More info at:

This is an evolving situation so stay tuned!

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