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Winter Safety Message: Exercise Caution Near All Waterways

Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority (CLOCA) reminds residents and visitors of the dangers that can exist near streams, rivers, ponds and lakes around this time of year and urges people to exercise caution and keep family and pets away from the edges of all waterways.

While temperatures are declining, we can still expect to experience frequent freeze-thaw cycles in the coming winter months, resulting in the melting of accumulated snow and ice cover. This runoff will create hazardous conditions near all waterways by contributing to higher water levels and increased velocities in local watercourses. Periods of rainfall and snow melt can result in weakening, shifting, and melting of the cover, making it unsafe. Streambanks can also become slippery and unstable leading to very hazardous and dangerous conditions close to any body of water.


Be safe this winter and remember the following tips:


  • Keep family and pets away from all bodies of water

  • Avoid all recreational activities in or around water and unsafe ice

  • Tailor your winter outdoor activities to trails at your local parks and Conservation Areas

  • Stormwater ponds/facilities were not built for ice skating. Water levels on these ponds can change due to road salt, snow melt, and changing temperatures causing cracks and dangerously thin ice.

  • Rescuing another person or a pet from ice is dangerous. If you see anyone that has fallen through the ice, call 9-1-1 for help immediately

CLOCA provides a flood forecasting and warning program to reduce the risk of property damage and loss of life due to flooding. When flooding is possible or about to occur, CLOCA flood messages to municipal emergency management officials, school boards, police and EMS as well as the media.  The municipal officials then take action to warn local residents.  Learn more and sign up to receive flood notification messages:

Bowmanville Creek in Enniskillen Conservation Area

Photo Courtesy of Dianne Zarobiak

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