Strategic Plan

Reaffirming our commitment to put the watershed first and to encourage others to do the same, we finalized a strategic plan for 2016-2020.   The actions contained in our Strategic Plan were informed by our watershed community and are designed to inspire ecologically informed decisions and actions and to develop an enhanced understanding about the watershed and about CLOCA specifically.  

This Plan identifies five goals with specific outcomes to guide the actions of our staff and our
Board, forming the basis for the development and implementation of detailed Action Plans.


Our core values below, guide those actions.  As our watershed evolves and our organization responds to change, these values will remain consistent and provide us with guidance and inspiration.  

We are approaching the completion of our five-year Strategic Plan in 2020 and have initiated the process to update and inform our next five years, 2021 to 2025. We know, in many ways, we will look at things differently this time around, ensuring our role in watershed management becomes more relevant and valued by our local community.

Over the past five years, we have stayed the course, aligning our actions with specific business goals and objectives. To date, we have achieved 105 specific actions, representing a substantial advancement in reaching our vision of healthy watersheds for today and tomorrow.  Our Reflections document captures a selection of these accomplishments (click on image at right to view document in full).

We anticipate presenting a final draft to the CLOCA Board of Directors at the November 17, 2020 Board Meeting for approval, with implementation of the actions in the updated Plan commencing in January 2021. 

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Strategic Plan 2016-20 Summary of Accomp


Healthy Watersheds for today and tomorrow.


Advancing watershed health through engagement, science and conservation.



In all of our actions, we are committed to protecting, preserving and enhancing the quality of the watershed.  We are conservation advocates, land stewards and trusted advisors promoting science-based watershed management and working with others to improve watershed health and public safety.


We are team players, committed to building relationships with our partners and achieving remarkable results across the watershed.  We are collaborators and partners of choice and we encourage others to be watershed champions.



We strive to consistently provide the highest standard of customer service and the highest standard of care for our watershed. 



We value innovation and knowledge. We strive to see differently, and think creatively to foster new ideas and to offer better services and programs for the watershed.


We are passionate and dedicated to the work that we do.  We are ethical, responsible and committed to inspiring others to value the critical role that healthy watersheds play in sustaining our quality of life.  We lead by example and inspire others to do the same. 

Healthy watersheds for today and tomorrow.
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