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Healthy watersheds for today and tomorrow.

Young girls splashing in water - CLOCA

Advancing watershed health  through engagement, science  and conservation since 1958. 

Central Lake Ontario Conservation (CLOCA) is a local, community-based, environmental organization and one of 36 Conservation Authorities responsible for managing watershed resources across Ontario.

Cranberry Marsh, Lynde Shores Conservation Area

What We Do

Watershed Management - Monitoring and Protection (Terrestrial, Aquatic, Invasive Species, Climate Change)

Flood Forecasting and Warning

Drinking Water Source Protection

Permits and Planning (Stormwater Management, Groundwater, Natural Hazards, Natural Heritage Features, Environmentally Sensitive Areas)

Conservation (Conservation Areas, Conservation Lands)

Watershed Stewardship (Treeplanting, Well Decommissioning)

Environmental Education

How Can We Help You Today?

School Field Trip

Educational Programs

We offer educational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.  Programs can be customized for your group's needs.

All of our Conservation Areas are available to teachers wishing to conduct their own outdoor programs.

Explore CLOCA

Ecosystem Monitoring

Landowner Services

Source Water Protection

Invasive Species

What is a Watershed?

Volunteer Opportunities

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