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CLOCA's Role in Sustainable Approaches to Stormwater Management Practices in New Development

The 2020 Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority (CLOCA) Technical Guidelines for Stormwater Management Submissions is intended to provide practitioners within the CLOCA watershed with stormwater management criteria and submission requirements in support of a more sustainable approach to stormwater management practices in new development. It is also designed to assist with streamlining the submission and review process.

Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority has developed significant expertise in the design and application of traditional and more sustainable technologies as part of their mandate to guide responsible environmental planning. Applying this knowledge supports a more sustainable integrated development approach which is desirable and vital to reducing the environmental, social, and economic impacts of urban development and climate change.

Sustainable stormwater management includes systemically valuing, protecting, and expanding natural assets within a watershed system, allowing natural features like wetlands and forests to contribute services that are important to maintaining ecological integrity, function, and overall watershed health. Wetlands for example, contribute to stormwater

management outcomes by reducing flooding, absorbing pollutants, and protecting shorelines from erosion. Sustainable stormwater management also incorporates green infrastructure and low-impact development techniques, which are recognized as a more cost effective, environmentally sound, hydrologically appropriate, and resilient approach to managing stormwater.

Green infrastructure mimics a more natural hydrologic cycle, allowing for infiltration and reducing runoff. This approach to managing stormwater, further contributes to protecting, preservin, and enhancing our watersheds as part of our vision to establish heathy watersheds for today and tomorrow.



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